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Repair Services

How We View Repairs

We pride ourselves in maintaining as much originality to our repairs as possible. To accomplish "like-new" condition, we'll take the extra time to find what we need, even if it means finding the same instrument halfway around the world to use for spare parts. We've even been known to take the time to find period correct cases to remain as historically accurate as possible. If we simply cannot find an original, we've been known to occasionally make an exact replica of the ourselves. Simply said, we see our products as pieces of art AND pieces of history. Our part, is to preserve as much of that original creation as possible. 

General Rules

For a number of reasons, there are many foreign brands we simply do work on. 

Generally speaking, we do not work on any type of keyboard instruments.

Electronics fall outside of our jurisdiction. 

Accessory repairs tend to exceed the cost of the item, so we do little to no accessory repairs.

Please Note: at the current time we must limit repairs to instruments we have sold or schools or teachers that we normally do repairs for.


Wichita Band Services

Services Offered:

  • Dent Work

  • Remove stuck mouthpieces & swabs

  • Soldering:

    • silver solder, key rebuilds, etc.​​

  • Replacement parts:

    • pads, corks, keys, etc.​

  • Seal seams, for example on a flute​

  • Crack repair

  • Precision alignment of rotors & valves

  • Limited re-lacquering


Services Not Offered:

  • Valve re-builds

  • Re-boring instruments

  • Undercutting tone-holes

  • Mouthpiece refacing or drilling

Wichita Violin Services

Services Offered:

  • Restrings

  • Glue open seams

  • crack repairs to top, side, bottom

  • Broken neck or loose neck

  • New bridge - including feet, shaping, etc. (from blanks)

  • Redo pegs

  • Measure string gauge


Services Not Offered:

  • Bow re-hairs


E. M. Shorts Guitars Services

Services Offered:

  • Re-strings

  • Adjust truss rod and action

  • Intonate - for  electric instruments 

  • Finish repairs - case by case basis only

  • Raise or lower saddle

  • Measure for gauge of string


Services Not Offered:

  • Neck re-sets

  • Re-fretting

  • No electronics - may send to manufacturer or refer to other certified dealers

  • We do not make new bridges

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