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An interesting B-flat clarinet "A. Rive, Paris"; serial #2270


Grenadilla construction, no cracks to the wood, normal wear (esp. ring keys) to the mechanism.  Now with all new pads and corks from our workshop in Wichita.


With my ancient Frank Kaspar mouthpiece, the clarinet works very well, has a strong lower register, nice and bright upper.


Intonation is good but with reservations.  Third line Bb with the register key or alternate trill is acceptable.  Third line B-natural is good, but the alternate "trill" B-natural is high, would require a loose enough embouchure to lip it down.   The barrel section that's with it is 66 mm length, but we suspect another Robert barrel would help the throat-tones.


Robert had a reputation of producing clarinets (and especially flutes) of high quality and were considered, at one time, to be Buffet's only serious clarinet competition.


The fact that this clarinet's been played a good deal lends evidence to its being a quality instrument.


Seems to me, given the tonal qualities, that this one would be perfect for jazz or circus-band, perhaps lead clarinet in a Miller-type Big Band. 


*** WBIC has been in business since 1953, with the same owner since 1963. We do know a bit about French clarinets, and yes, we still hold 565 shares of “Buffet-Crampon U.S.A.”.




Used Rive-Robert Paris "A. Robert" Bb Clarinet from the 1920-1930's; with Case

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