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A Rare, Antique Buffet-Crampon "Model 13" Bb Clarinet. Made in Paris, Pre-1900.


Made over 100 years ago in France, this antique Model 13 clarinet came to us in superb condition. According to the Carl Fischer catalog we keep in our store for reference, this instrument was listed as a "Model 13," making it a predecessor to the modern R-13 Clarinet. There are no cracks in the wood, and the instrument wears completely new pads and corks, courtesey of our woodwind repair technician. he instrument comes in a new case, everything clean and proper.

This clarinet is ready to be played, and with the 1960s/70s 63mm barrel we've put with it, we found the instrument to play quite well at the modern A = 440 pitch standard. We believe it would be an excellent instrument for an adult amateur.

The instrument comes in a traditional 1960s "soap-bar" Lifton case. We are not including a mouthpiece at this time, though we recommend one of medium-closed style. Our resident clarinetist tested the instrument with a Vandoren 5RV-Lyre, a Rovner Dark Ligature, and a 3.0/3.5 reed.

Refurbished Buffet-Crampon Modele 13 Bb Clarinet

  • Wichita Band Instrument Company is a small musical instrument emporium located in the center of the USA. We’ve been in business since 1953 and have had the same owner since 1963.

    Originally we were a repair shop that specialized in woodwind and sax restoration. Today we have 10 employees including 5 of the finest repair technicians in the country.

    Virtually ALL the items we sell have been fully reconditioned in our own shop, although we do sell a few unrestored historical instruments each year.

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