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Rare American Flute from A. G. Badger ( 1814 - 1890 ) made in New York City sometime between 1875 and 1890.

I'm no expert on flutes by this maker, but have had four, perhaps five, pass through my hands. 

The instrument I'm posting today came to me from the wilds of Tennessee, without case, but with all parts and pieces in perfect original condition.

Engraving is very sharp, especially that on the gold cartouche on the head.

All pads may be original.  That means a full repad, clean up and light polish shouldn't be all that difficult.

*** All pads have now been replaced.  Very small and shallow pad-cups means the work was not rushed, all was carefully restored to "as original as possible".

I measure sounding length at 679 mm (B-flat foot) and the embouchure, quite original, measures 10.1 X 12.4 mm, very oval. 

For me, the flute plays a bit above 440 pitch, but I'm not accustomed to the 19th. century embouchure. Figure A = 443 / 444.

Heavy, though:  502 grams, due to long  Bb foot, extra key-touch and barrel-type embouchure.

No hallmarks, but the instrument was constructed of solid silver ( I'm guessing .800 or .900 alloy).  Seamed construction, head and body.

**** PLEASE NOTE, PLEASE NOTE!!  The flute has been posted and is being sold WITHOUT case, without box.

It's a bit rare, wonderful workmanship, worthy of any important collection, should be in a museum.

The flute is part of a small collection of flootish instruments that I've acquired over the years, which means I may offer to sell a few more in the upcoming months.  

Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!

Please keep in mind that all sales through Reverb means they (not us) collect your local sales tax on the purchase.

***GR/ Wichita



Original Restored A.G Badger Solid Silver Flute ( approx. 1875-1890),Made in NYC

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