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An original 1880's flute from the Paris workshop of Louis Lot.

Soldered tone-holes, C foot,  keywork showing no wear to the hinge-tubes or pad-cups.  The solid silver tube measures .013 inches.  The flute  was constructed with inline G, and soldered tone-holes.  


Traditional  scale, sounding length is 600  mm (A = 440).  I see no sign that the head has been cut shorter or altered in any way.


The flute has not been "re-tuned".


Embouchure measures 9.9 X 11.8 mm. 


The flute is part of a small collection of French instruments that I've acquired  over the years, which means I may offer to sell a few more in the upcoming months. 



Original Louis Lot solid silver Flute from the 1880's in Pristine Condition

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