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AN ORIGINAL AND RARE ebony flute from the Paris workshop of Clair Godfroy, Paris ( 1814 - 1818 )


"First stamp" (ref: Langwill), which means 1814 - 1818.

Four silver keys. Note no edges to the pad-cups. 

Total assembled length, without top tuning crown : 610 mm.

Sounding length, head pushed in, all the way : 536 mm.

Embouchure is original,  8.4 mm X 10.2 mm.

Four silver  keys, original, no hallmarks, no maker's stamp.
The instrument plays well at 435  with the head pushed fully in.  


The instrument is in original condition, has not been altered or cut shorter.


" ( star ) / GODFROY / A PARIS" faintly stamped on the head. Head is 228 mm long, end of socket to top of the joint, not counting the crown.


Same stamp on the center joint.  Two keys, no cracks or damage, nothing cut shorter or repaired. 210 mm length, including tenons and 162 without.


Same stamp (almost invisible) on the lower joint.  One silver key.  Ancient crack that runs from F-sharp tone-hole to the socket.   Please note brass ring insert inside the ivory ring.  Appears to have been done many years ago, the idea being to keep the socket crack from enlarging. We've kept everything as it was, but have added a carbon-filament ring under the ivory ring, to further insure nothing expands.  Air-tight, nothing leaks.  Length is 142 with tenon, 121 without.

Same stamp on the foot.  Note the articulated flat pad cup for the D#.  Foot's 94 mm long.

We give this one a “9.9 out of 10.0” rating. 

*** Really nice example, looks like it's been played a bit, still in fine original condition.

**** SOLD WITH BOX, all original.


The flute is part of a small collection of French instruments that I've acquired  over the years, which means I may offer to sell a few more in the upcoming months.  

Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!


***GR/ Wichita



Original 4-Key Antique Godfroy Flute (1814-1818), New Pads; with Case

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