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Like the violin, the classical recorder also dates from the Baroque period. The cultural centres of that period were Paris, London, Amsterdam, Nuremberg and Brussels. The renowned recorder maker Friedrich von Huene has examined almost all remaining original instruments from this period, which are being held in museums. From the sum of his data, the Moeck Rottenburgh baroque recorders in the style of the instruments by the recorder maker Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh were created.

Characterised by their brilliant pitch and modern tuning, today they are the most frequently played Baroque solo recorders available, which have proven themselves to be an especially reliable instrument.

  • Made from blackwood (grenadilla)
  • Baroque fingering
  • Toneholes: Double
  • Includes a case, cleaning rod and -cloth, fingering chart, maintenance set


New Moeck Rottenburgh Model 4207 Soprano Recorder - Grenadilla with Case

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