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The CSS-80GL is one of Chateau's professional Soprano Saxophones, featuring a beautifully hand-engraved flower design, an 85% copper red-brass body, ribbed construction, and keywork to high F# and high G.


The flower engraving extends from the body to the bell, and was completed entirely by hand. The making process from beginning to end is completed by one professional staff member, so the production is quite time-consuming and therefore numbers of this model are limited.


The instrument comes with two necks, one straight, and one slightly curved. Also included are a mouthpiece, ligature, cap, neck strap, and swab. It comes in a deluxe Chateau case, complete with backpack style straps.


Designed and engineered in Taiwan and then assembled in Vietnam.


Office Code: EDR

New Chateau CSS-80GL Soprano Saxophone

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