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A superior viola from the workshop of Geigenbaumeister Lothar Semmlinger, made in Baiersdorf (Germany) in 2012. 


Semmlinger's small Bavarian workshop employs half a dozen dedicated workers, producing violins, violas and cellos designed for advanced students and enthusiastic amateurs.


We consider this fine violas to be of "better quality workshop instruments". Proper graduation means the tonal characteristics, the "voice" to compare very favorably with violas of much higher price.

Please note our photos, showing the gorgeous Carpathian maple that Semmlinger uses for his better-quality models.


Back length is 15 1/2 inches .... 394 mm.


We highly recommend this particular instrument, suitable for an advanced student or an enthusiastic amateur violist.

Lothar Semmlinger Viola c. 2012

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