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The DZ 301 CEA / DZ200CEA is a beginner level closed-hole flute with an offset G. The head joint, body, and C foot joint are all made of silver-plated nickel silver. The lip plate and lip plate riser are solid silver for a warmer tone.  This instrument is alternatively known as the DZ 200CEA.


With their unflagging commitment to both un-paralleled craftsmanship and affordable prices, Di Zhao Flutes is one of the fastest rising stars in the flute industry today. World renowned professional flutemaker Di Zhao, previously of Powell and Haynes Flutes, brings his own unique expertise and artistry to the student flute market. With Di Zhao Flutes, each flute is made and plays like a professional handmade, featuring masterfully hand-cut headjoints, and state of the art keywork.


This introductory model marks a student’s first step to flute ownership! The affordability of this C foot flute makes it an ideal entry for students taking their first steps into concert band or orchestra. Beginner students love how our unique silver riser headjoint gives them the tone quality of an advanced musician playing on solid silver headjoints.


Accessories Include: French-style case, soft case cover, and a cleaning kit.


Full warranty from Di Zhao and Wichita Band's two-year service warranty are included.


Office Code: DD E, R, W


new DiZhao Di Zhao DZ301CEA / DZ200CEA Flute

    • Silver plated heatjoint, body, and footjoint
    • C foot
    • Offset-G
    • Sturdy Y-arms
    • Closed holes

    Comes with French-style case and soft case cover
    Cleaning kit included

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