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A high-quality baroque violin / treble gamba bow from the workshop of Walter Mettal, round stick.  48 grams, 670 mm length.

Not a cheap Brazilian bow, but a creation of (arguably) the finest of modern German bow makers.

I imported several dozen bows  from Mettal in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  This bow is one of those, new and never sold, never out of my collection.  I have several of them.

One of a family of Schoenbach violin makers, Walter and his father specialized in bows rather than violins.

As I recall, he told me he was born in 1941.  That would make us the same age.

Winner of a Bronze Medal at the Kassel Exhibit of 1983, he informed me that was most upset by the honor. “My bows were the best in the contest.  I should have won a gold medal.”

And perhaps he was correct.  Mettal did refuse to enter any contests after Kassel.

I have a dozen or so, all new, never sold, never out of my collection.

 Except for the gold-mounted bows, they’re not expensive, are strong and beautifully constructed. 

I give them my highest recommendation. Kept in my violin vault for nearly half a century as long-term investments, it’s now time for them to be sold.



Baroque Violin/ Treble Gamba Bow from Walter Mettal, early 1980's

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