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Wichita Band Instrument Company
Wichita, Kansas


New Bach Stradivarius 180S-37 Standard Bb Trumpet


This brand new silver-plated Bach 180S-37 trumpet is ready to go for any and all players! Particularly targeted at upper-level and professional players, this horn is a beloved classic among the Bach line-up, and is sure to serve its player well. The original case and 7C mouthpiece are included, and the trumpet is still in its out-of-box wrap.


Office Code: EDR


We cannot ship certain items to some countries due to agreements our company has made with various manufacturers. If ordering from outside the United States, please contact us for more details.



The instrument is carefully inspected by us to make certain it’s spotlessly clean. We disinfect the exterior of the instrument, spray the exterior of the case as well. We do not send anything to you without it’s being checked and then checked again.

New Bach Stradivarius 180S-37 Standard Bb Trumpet, Silver Plated

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