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An artist-quality violin bow from 1919-1939 , 8va. stick.  62 grams.
Most violinists already are aware of how Hill bows are produced.....
The ordinary wood is ebony silver mounted or half-mounted, stamped  "H & S".
The next quality gets sterling silver mounts, stamped "Hill" on the stick.
The almost-best wood gets sterling mounts, stamped "W.E.Hill & Sons" on the stick.
Tortoise-shell and ivory mounts, with Fleur de Lys inlay were the best of the offerings, no longer in production, of course.
I bought this bow forty years ago, have never sold it.  Do believe it's the favorite of my small collection.
Arthur J. Barnes (1888 - 1945) was with Hills between 1919 and 1939.
Lots of internet info on Hill violin bows, of course.   I've owned several dozen, have made a point only to acquire those with the "W.E. Hill & Sons" stamp, those being considered "top of the line".
Minimal finger-wear, all original, a superb item for the discriminating musician or collector.
No stick damage, fine player for the strong violinist.  62 grams plus just a hair.

Artist-Quality Violin Bow from W.E Hill & Sons , made of Ebony/ Sterling Silver

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