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William S Haynes (Boston) Solid Silver Flute #41,471 (1974)

Handmade model with soldered tone-holes, in-line G, B foot. Good original Haynes leather case.

Embouchure measures 10.1 x 12.1 mm, sounding length is 636 mm. (A=440)

Tube thickness is .014 inches. 415 grams. We have full history since the day it left the Boston workshop.

We have inspected the instrument and have restored it to excellent, playing condition.

This flute comes with our 2-year service warranty.

Let us know if you have any questions.


 Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!

*** In January of 2024 our small workshop in Wichita will celebrate seventy-one years in business.

Over the decades, we’ve repaired and restored more than two hundred vintage French flutes from Louis Lot, Bonneville, Claude Rive and Buffet-Crampon plus hundreds of professional-quality flutes from Haynes and Powell. Today we have ten employees including five of the finest repair technicians in the country. We’re happy to report, a sterling reputation for top-quality restoration and ethical transactions. We are not amateurs, nor are we a “back bedroom” operation. We would be pleased to furnish you with references attesting to the above.

Wichita Band Instrument Company is a small musical instrument emporium located in the center of the USA.  The owners are Kansas natives Gary L. Ray and his two sons. 

Founded by a woodwind repair technician in 1953, we soon will commence our seventy-first year in business.

We're not a "back bedroom" operation but can report that we are the owners of a proper "brick and mortar" workshop.

We enjoy a sterling reputation for ethical business transactions and confirm to our friends and clients the simple fact that we expect to be in business forever.

Vintage Refurbished 1974 William S. Haynes Solid Silver Flute with Case

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