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Double horns from Paxman Musical Instruments, Ltd., date from the post WWII years.  Incorporated with four owners in 1963, the small London firm still produces a handful of horns each year.
Our horn is a "model 20", Richard Merewether's original design of the late fifties.  It's solid nickel, medium bore, wears brass valves and is in good original condition.
Serial number is 48715, which means it was built in 1987, a couple of years after Dick's death.  I bought his 25% in the company and held them until other issues and conflicts arose.  
But I can assure a client that all 1987 Paxman horns, that were imported to the USA were 100% made in England.  Today it's a different story and that explains, in part, why I got frustrated and sold, in 2011, my shares in the company.
Dick also insisted that the "A" bell ( a Conn 8D copy) would not work on a Paxman 20.   With advice from a number of American professional players, I advised my partners to put an 8D-model bell on the instruments and the result was that the bell was, for a time, the most popular combination:  A solid nickel horn with top-quality valves and an "American" bell.
The 20AND that I'm posting today is part of the collection of the late Doctor Randall.  Of the six in the collection, this one's been played the most, which means there's evidence of bell dings being burnished out.   No thin spots, no patches, very good original valves which were made by Archie Leach, ,one of my partners in the company.
Paxman's "top of the line" horns today wear rotors made in Germany.  And the Series V, Series IV, etc...." all are built with mixed components, most of them from China.
But this one's a "real" Paxman, all English, superb player, impeccable intonation, no mechanical issues, all original, owned for years by an amateur.  And yes, we're happy to give you full contact info on the late doctor and his family.






We stock horns by the World's best makers, including Alexander, Schmid, Holton and Conn and always have a good supply in our warehouse. Come to Wichita, breathe the Kansas prairie air and play the best horns in the World side by side. We'll even meet you at the airport!!



Vintage Paxman 20AN Double French Horn in Solid Nickel-Silver; with Protec Case

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