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Verne Q. Powell #5364 (1979), handmade, soldered tone-holes, best model "pre-Wasser" Flute

The solid silver tube measures .014 inches. The flute was constructed with in-line G and soldered tone holes. Low B foot and "gizmo" on low B key-touch. With original head section. A = 440Hz, traditional Powell scale.

Until the 1986 purchase by Steven Wasser, the Powell company was dedicated to building flutes of only the very highest quality. Two models were produced: the so-called "commercial" model feature flat pad-cups and extruded tone-holes. The "handmade" models were based on the Paris-made flutes of the late 19th century and had soldered tone-holes and extended key-arms over the pad-cups.

Our instrument is one of the "handmade" vintage Powells, with French (open) keys and low B foot.

Embouchure measures 10.3 x 12.2 mm. Sounding length is 636mm. Weight is 423 grams.

This flute has been fully restored and is in excellent playing condition. It also comes with our 2-year service warranty.


 Highly recommended vintage Powell that's quite different from the Powell flutes  of today.

 Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!

*** We note that the price on a new American-made Powell with the same specifications is now $16,975.

Vintage 1979 USA Handmade V.Q. POWELL Flute with Case

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