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A solid silver flute from the “Golden Era” at Haynes.


Serial number is 39,XXX, hand-made at the Boston William S. Haynes workshop in 1972.

Soldered tone-holes, open (French) keywork to low B, inline G.

We measure the silver tube as .014 inches.

Embouchure measures 9.8 X 12.1 mm, "slightly square". 

Sounding length is 636 mm, the flute plays very well at 440 pitch.

Original pad retainers. 

Case is original, perfect condition.

Total weight is 418 grams.


I spent  a few minutes over the week-end, doing just  a short tooting on it.   Yesterday afternoon I gave the flute a better work-out, an hour or better.  I  did a  proper comparison with it  and with our “Carolyn” Haynes ( #30,297) that’s described on our rare-flutes web site.   

The two instruments should be almost identical, but it’s not the case.   Number 39,XXX has a very clean voice and a strong lower register that’s most fetching.   Keeping in mind the 440 (not 442) pitch, I found the intonation to be superb.  

This particular instrument came to us exactly as we like to find them:  that means tarnished, needing to be cleaned and lightly polished.  Having done as much, we’ve replaced all pads and corks and now give it our top recommendation.   

Simply said, it’s a good example of a “Golden Age” hand-made Haynes that’s 100% “made in America”. And yes, it has our 24 month warranty.   Recommended!






Vintage 1972 W.S Haynes Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Flute, New Pads;with Case

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