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Superb Buffet Eb Sopranino Eb clarinet made in France in 1952


It’s an excellent Golden Era Buffet clarinet, with normal Boehm-system keywork, No cracks to the wood, all new pads and corks from our shop in Wichita.

Nickel-alloy keys (no plating). 

This one's perfect for the super-particular orchestra / concert band musician looking for a vintage and trouble-free instrument.

It's similar to the E-flat I played, as a student, in Wichita University's Concert Wind Ensemble, more than half a century ago.

Supplied with an Evette-Schaeffer ( Chedeville) mouthpiece that works great with the clarinet.

I note that intonation, for me and with the E & S mouthpiece, is very good.  Use Eb fingerings above high C, though.

Not certain how much is the street price on a new R13-Eb.  But in my opinion, this little jewel is far superior to a new one!  My opinion only!


*** GR/Wichita


Office Code: HG

Vintage 1952 Buffet-Crampon Eb R-13 (Paris) Sopranino Clarinet; New Pads/Corks

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