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Wichita Band Instrument Company

Wichita, Kansas
A superb and totally original SELMER BALANCED ACTION alto saxophone, made in France in 1981, serial #32,597
Acquired by us earlier this year, together with half a dozen vintage saxes from a collector. Cigar-Cutter Selmer, a good pre-war Balanced Action Selmer tenor,  two M6 altos and a few other pieces.  Comes with new pads and corks.
*** This BA was built for the French market, in original bright silver finish.  The case might be the original, can't say for certain.  Please number stamped on the neck tenon.  Price includes original cheap case + a new ProTech.
*** Never dented or dinged, very clean original instrument.  ALL pads and corks were new in May of this year.Original metal "table B" mouthpiece is not included, plus our twenty-four month service warranty IS included.In 1946, Selmer built 1349 saxophones, two-thirds of them altos. 
This one's absolutely pristine. Never dinged or dented, no worn spots to the silver, no re-solders or neck pull-down. In a word, it's PERFECT.NOT a modern sax, though.  Superb intonation means low notes are NOT a quarter-step sharp.  Use a VanDoren 2 1/3 or 3 on a modern Selmer mouthpiece and you'll be amazed at the warm and liquid tone-color.  Think Lauren Bacall in "Casablanca". Yes! It's THAT good a sax!

We have no hesitation in recommending it to the most particular musician.

Employee Code: EDR

Vintage 1946 Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone, New Pads and Corks, w/ Case

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