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In the early 20th century, Conn produced new models of their “Perfected Wonder” trumpet and cornet lines annually, making this instrument a perfect addition for any museum or collector of music history. This 1920 Model of the Conn “Perfected Wonder” cornet is a rare example from one of the earlier years of the Wonder Cornet lineup, and lacks a “union made” stamp.


The instrument features a unique double water key, The instrument has had its valves re-built to perfection, and has also received some touch-up work to its plating. Marked on the valve cluster is a "1½" which we think indicates bore size. This particular cornet was manufactured in New York, USA.


Serial#: 63976


The new Protec case shown is included.


Office Code: DD E,R,W

Vintage 1920 C.G. Conn "Perfected Wonder" Cornet

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