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      Seems that University of Indiana professor Richard Seraphinoff is America's expert on early horns.  He builds several different historical copies, at least one of which is based on a horn that our small workshop sold him.  In any event, we consider him a friend and an expert.  Horns produced by him are built to high standards, showing top-quality workmanship.
*** This one's his "Cor-Solo, after L. J. Raoux" and you can read all about it from his web site.  Our instrument was produced in 1993 and appears to have been played very little in the past three decades.  No dents to be found, a couple of tiny dings and that's it.  The horn is a good "9.9 on a scale of ten".
*** Seraphinoff's horns are, in our opinion, true "best buys". That means we think they should be more expensive than they are.   Bult the time of delivery is said to be eighteen months or more, so if you're patient, you can take advantage of the low price and the high quality.
*** In the meantime, this gorgeous jewel is available for immediate shipment. That means "today"
*** Just as an aside..the horn looks very much like the one shown in the Gallay book.   Have a look at our photos!

*** Five crooks :  G / F / E / Eb / D.  PLEASE NOTE that this is a fixed mouthpipe horn.  That means tuning to other keys is accomplished by changing the tuning slides.

*** NOTE PLEASE: THIS HORN IS PRICED WITHOUT CASE. A poorly-fitting used case is available for free.


We stock horns by the World's best makers, including Alexander, Schmid, Holton and Conn and always have a good supply in our warehouse. Come to Wichita, breathe the Kansas prairie air and play the best horns in the World side by side. We'll even meet you at the airport!!



Very Nice Seraphinoff "Raoux Cor-Solo" Copy Natural Horn from 1993

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