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Used Fox Renard Model 333 Oboe; serial #32980


Alan Fox’s Indiana workshop has produced high-quality double-reed instruments for more than seventy years;  our Wichita company has been authorized dealers for his oboes and bassoons for more than a half century.

The model “333” is their entry-level oboe, it’s basically the same instrument as the “300”, but with slightly simpler keywork.

That means…. Yes, it does have one-three “forked F” for the right hand and also the “left-hand F” for the little finger left.  But no third octave key (many pro-players say it’s not needed) and no articulated low B to C# trill.  Strange, that one:  I don’t know of any symphonic works that call for an oboe low B to C# trill.

Bottom of the line is that it’s an “almost” pro model crack-free oboe that’s 100% American and also a BEST BUY.

But wait!   If you can find a really clean modern Fox oboe, that’s a BEST best buy.

We sold this little jewel several years ago and it looks as if it’s been played only a few times since.  Cork pads except for low Bb and B and they look new.

Case and case-cover are perfect, there’s no wear to the silver-plate on the keys and it even still has the original factory guarantee card with it.

In the meantime, our 24 month service-warranty IS good on this fine example.  That means we fix anything that goes wrong with it for two years. After that, we’ll still do any necessary repairs for you but would, of course, bill you per our hourly repair rate.

Top recommendation on this one! 

Woodwind questions?  Yes, we’re always happy to hear from you!




Very Nice and Clean Used Fox Renard Model 333 Oboe; with Case

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