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This used Yanagisawa T-901 tenor retains almost all of its original lacquer, and has never been dented or dinged. The pads are new or close to it; Everything seats well and the it responds easily down to low B-flat. Even though the serial number indicates it was made 8-10 years ago, you would have a hard time telling by seeing, holding, or playing it!


Yanagisawa’s current equivalent tenor is their model TW-01, now with suggested retail price of $5999 and “Minimum Advertised Price” of $4109. We have no hesitation in recommending it to the upcoming amateur or professional musician.


This instrument will ship in a new case and without a mouthpiece, and comes with Wichita Band's 2-year service warranty.


Office Code: EDR/DD E, R, W

Used Yanagisawa T-901 Tenor Saxophone

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