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Yanagisawa A-900 Alto Saxophone; Made in Japan

Serial #: 0018458


This excellent condition A-900 wears 99% of its original lacquer, has no dents or dings, andis fitted with very good pads that appear to be a couple of years old. Everything is seating well and the sax responds easily to low B-flat.


The instrument comes in its original case with a new Yanagisawa mouthpiece.


A bit of history about Yanagisawa saxes:

Pro-model Yanagisawa saxes were initially imported to the USA in the late seventies by Tony Bruno Music Company. When Tony of his namesake company retired, the distribution was taken over by the G.LeBlanc firm (Kenosha, WI, USA).


Yanagisawa's model numbers have changed from year to year, but the 900 / 901 saxes date from the late nineties to the early 2010's. The current equivalent model is their "AW-01," with a street price of about $3500.




Used Yanagisawa A-900 Alto Saxophone; with Case

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