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YAMAHA YBB-641 BBb Concert tuba, upright bell, dents removed,  worn areas spot-lacquer touched-up.

*** Please note:   Although we occasionally do a full re-lacquer on smaller brass instruments, we prefer to use magnets, dent kegs and burnishers on tubas.  That means we do not usually strip the old finish, buff and polish and re-spray tubas.   Larger instruments pick up dings more easily than trumpets and to remove all the dings and scratches means it's dangerous to do a "heavy polish" on them.  Too much buffing means thin spots and areas and that means the tuba simply won't play as well.

Lots of dent work, balling and burnishing on this instrument.  But the brass is still original, not thin.  And this magnificent tuba plays very well!

*** Hand to hand delivery might be possible if you don't live too far from us.  Otherwise, we're estimating $400 shipping costs, by freight.




Used Yamaha YBB-641 Concert BBb Upright Tuba, Dents Removed

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