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King Musical Instrument Company "King Model 1159/2259" Brass Double French Horn with Case

Serial number #515,220. Very clean older double, minor bell-dents now removed, 95% original lacquer finish. Never any serious damage, valves still with good compression. New case, clean and honest American-made double horn. $1675. 

Wichita Band Instrument Company is a small musical instrument emporium located in the center of the USA.  The owners are Kansas natives Gary L. Ray and his two sons. 

Founded by a woodwind repair technician in 1953, we soon will commence our seventy-first year in business.

We’re not a “back bedroom” operation but can report that we are the owners of a proper “brick and mortar” workshop.

We enjoy a sterling reputation for ethical business transactions and confirm to our friends and clients the simple fact that we expect to be in business forever.

Used King 1159/2259 Brass Double French Horn with Case

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