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Used Holton H-280 "Phil Farkas model" Double French Horn in Yellow Brass, Nickel-Silver Trim, Detachable Bell Flare; serial #664942


Holton horns offer an alternative in design that creates a great experience for the young or advanced players. The Farkas wrap offers independent tuning for convenience allowing the player to tune the Bb side of the horn separately from the F side.


The H280 is a free-blowing horn with rich and resonant intonation and good projection. Model H280 is an excellent orchestral horn with dark sound and bright overtones.


The original valves on this horn are still tight , with 99% of original lacquer.


This one is a late H-280 that has never been school owned and has come to us in close to pristine original condition. 


Good player, not expensive!




  • Original Case
  • Original Case Cover
  • Holton Farkas Mouthpiece


This one looks and plays like new!




Used Holton H-280 Double French Horn in Yellow Brass; with Case, Mouthpiece

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