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A good M2-S flute from Gemeinhardt, solid silver head, body and foot;  keys are silver plated.
All pads are new.  No dents or dings, 100% original plating to keywork.
Gemeinhardt flutes are currently made in China.  Our flute, serial #408,475 (1982) is 100% MADE IN AMERICA.
Originally marketed as a less-expensive plateau-keyed instrument patterned after a Haynes "commercial" model, the M2-S plays easily to low C with offset-G.
Recommended for an adult amateur, for a saxophone-doubler or for any player who has arthritic fingers.
*** Original case looks new, does not have a handle nor, in our opinion, does it need one.

Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!



Used Gemeinhardt model M2-S Flute , Solid Silver Body and Head, All New Pads

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