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Verne Q. Powell, hand-made, best model “ Golden Age ” flute, number 3769  (1973) TRADITIONAL POWELL SCALE A = 440.


Soldered tone-holes, B  foot,  keywork showing no wear to the hinge-tubes or pad-cups.  The solid silver tube measures .018 inches (head, body and foot), .018 inches  The flute  was constructed with inline G, and soldered tone-holes.  


Traditional Powell scale, sounding length is 636 mm (A = 440). 


Embouchure measures 10.3 X 12.0  mm.  


The embouchure is solid 14K red gold.


Solid silver tube measures  .018 inches.


Now wearing new pads and corks from our workshop in Wichita. New these flutes are close to $20,000!


 In 1973 the Powell firm built only 193 flutes, all of them of professional quality:  some with extruded tone-holes, some of the traditional French design, with soldered tone-holes and extended key-arms over the pad-cups.

 Highly recommended vintage Powell that's quite different from the Powell flutes  of today.

 Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!\

*** In January of 2022 our small workshop in Wichita celebrated sixty-nine years in business.

Over the decades, we’ve repaired and restored more than two hundred vintage French flutes from Louis Lot, Bonneville, Claude Rive and Buffet-Crampon plus hundreds of professional-quality flutes from Haynes and Powell.


Employee Code: EDR

Refurbished 1973 Verne Q Powell Flute with Case

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