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Verne Q. Powell, hand-made, best model “Golden Age” flute, number 2554 (1965) Traditional Powell Scale, A = 440.


Soldered tone-holes, B  foot,  keywork showing no wear to the hinge-tubes or pad-cups.  The solid silver tube measures .014 inches (head, body and foot), .014 inches  The flute  was constructed with inline G, and soldered tone-holes.


Traditional Powell scale, sounding length is 636 mm (A = 440).


Embouchure measures 10.3 X 12.1 mm.


Solid silver tube measures  .014 inches.


Purchased by a spirited amateur who, it seems, played it only a few times. At his demise the flute was left to a personal friend who was not a musician.  That means the flute has not been played for many years.


We have full history of the instrument from the day it left  Powell's workshop until today.


Now wearing new pads and corks from our workshop in Wichita.


In 1965  the Powell firm built only 114 flutes, all of them of professional quality:  some with extruded tone-holes, some of the traditional French design, with soldered tone-holes and extended key-arms over the pad-cups.


Highly recommended vintage Powell that's quite different from the Powell flutes  of today.


Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!


Employee Code: EDR

Refurbished 1965 Verne Q. Powell Handmade B Foot Solid Silver Flute

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