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An extra-clean vintage Buescher “Aristocrat” alto sax #345.178, made in Elkhart in 1952.

This one’s quite special, has 98% of its original dark lacquer finish and has never been dented, dinged, or re-soldered. It's fitted with Norton (screw-in) springs, with ribbon-type key-guards.

The instrument comes with its good original case with original factory guarantee card. We've furnished it with a new mouthpiece and 100% all new pads and corks from our shop in Wichita.

This Alto plays incredibly, and was built in the years when Buescher produced an extremely high-quality instrument.

Perhaps not necessary to say it, but the absolute finest classical sax player who ever lived, Sigurd Rascher, always used a Buescher saxophone. We invite interested persons to search for him on the internet and listen to the wonderful singing tone that he produced on his Buescher alto.


Office Code: EDR/DD E, R, W

Refurbished 1952 Buescher "Aristocrat" Alto Saxophone, Original Case

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