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The intermediate SFL511 series of flutes features a professional hand-cut headjoint made of American sterling silver, hand-assembled keywork, Pisoni Lucien Deluxe pads, and a body comprised of premium Japanese nickel silver. The model SFL511BEO is also the only 511 model with a split E, which allows for an easier response on high E.


Features Include: Open-hole keywork with pointed key arms, gizmo key, B foot joint, Offset G, Split E


The instrument comes with a deluxe French-style case and case cover.


Office Code: DD E, R, W

New Selmer SFL 511BEO Flute


    • Professional hand-cut headjoint made of American sterling silver
    • Body made of Japanese nickel silver
    • Pisoni Lucien Deluxe professional double skin pads
    • B foot joint
    • Open hole
    • Pointed key arms
    • Deluxe French-style case and case cover
    • German steel springs
    • Gizmo key
    • Drawn tone holes
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