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Wichita Band Instrument Company
Wichita, Kansas

A Rare, Vintage Model R-13 Clarinet from Buffet-Crampon. Made in Paris, 1975.

This R-13 clarinet came to us in fine condition with original parts, but was in possible need of a full mechanical overhaul. The keywork is not worn, the original nickel plate shows no wear anywhere. There are no cracks in the wood and the tenons are still sharp.

All pads and corks are new. The instrument comes in the pristine original case, everything clean and proper.

This particular instrument came to us from a retired amateur musician, now in his nineties.  He tells us he play-tested eight R-13 clarinets before he finally selected this one.  It's been played very little, still has the perfect original Jakob Winter case with it, the keywork never re-plated.  Yes, now with ALL new pads and corks.  The original owner would be happy to correspond with the new owner.

Simply said....TOP recommendation on this one. Better than a new one?  Well, we think so!

Long story about the this instrument's excellent quality…

Around the early part of the 20th century, the US distributor for Buffet-Crampon clarinets was Carl Fischer Musical Instrument Company. US businessman Martin Tolchin acquired controlling interest in the French firm in the late sixties, and a new company was formed. Shares were listed on the American Stock Exchange as Buffet-Crampon, the name later changed to Tolchin Musical Instruments.


In 1975, Buffet's model R-13 was the "top of the line" best clarinet they produced. Today, Buffet markets a dozen clarinets that are more costly than the current R-13 production.

Which means, so we've been told, that the best quality grenadilla wood in 1975 was used on their R-13 clarinet. And that also means, so we've been told, that the best quality wood today is reserved for today's more expensive models.

Does this mean that a fifty year old Buffet clarinet is better than a modern R-13? We'll let you decide!


Office Code: GK

Refurbished Vintage 1975 Buffet-Crampon R-13 Clarinet, 2-Year Warranty,New Pads

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