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Wichita Band Instrument Company
Wichita, Kansas

A Rare, Vintage Model 10-S KEY OF A, Clarinet from H. Selmer. Made in the Paris, 1972.

The instrument comes in a used single case, everything clean and proper.
Barrel is 65 mm long and the clarinet comes with a Van Doren mouthpiece that looks new.
EXTRAS....  For a few dollars more : original Gigliotti mouthpiece and a new double clarinet case.  Also for a bit extra:  66 mm Selmer 10 S A-clarinet barrel.
*** WBIC has been in business since 1953, with the same owner since 1963. We do know a bit about French clarinets, and yes, we still hold 565 shares of “Buffet-Crampon U.S.A.”.


Refurbished Vintage 1972 Selmer (Paris) Model 10S Clarinet in the Key of A

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