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Superb & extra-clean professional H. N. White vintage trumpet, King “Silvertone”, serial #150105; dates from 1934.

This instrument is a wonderful example from the White workshop. The bell reads: King/Silvertone/Made by/The H. N. White Company/Cleveland, O.

The bell is of solid Sterling silver and has an elaborate floral engraving with gold wash over-plate. The valve pistons have recently been rebuilt and are now better than new. All parts on the trumpet are original and comes in the original case. The instrument still wears the original bright silver plate finish and looks like new.

The bore is 0.448inches.

Comes with a modern Bach 3C MP, not original.

Employee Code: EDR, E, R, W

Refurbished King "Silvertone" Bb Trumpet 1934 Silver Plated Finish

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