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Wichita Band Instrument
Wichita, Kansas
Holton H-179 "Phil Farkas model"

This instrument is a Double horn with Nickel-Silver 100% original lacquer.
Serial Number: 616,541
Never dented, never dinged, very clean example, with orininal valves. Brand new case. MAP price on a new one is now over $5,500 USD. This one looks and plays like a new instrument. Good player, not expensive!
Office code: DD R&E
About Wichita Band Instrument Company:

Our small Wichita firm has been in business since 1953 and have, we belie ve, a sterling reputation for ethical dealings. Aside from the occasional historical instrument or “repairman’s special” we sell nothing “needing repair”.

Regretfully, we do not accept items for repair that we have not sold. Simply said, we are not possible to be “the repair shop for the big mail-order firm”



The instrument is carefully inspected by us to make certain it’s spotlessly clean. We disinfect the exterior of the instrument, spray the exterior of the case as well. We do not send anything to you without it’s being checked and then checked again.


In January of 2021, our small workshop in Wichita celebrated sixty-eight years in business. We are not in the 1952 Wichita telephone directory, but we ARE in the 1953. Over the decades, we’ve repaired and restored hundreds of wind instruments, specializing in 19th. century French brassesl flutes, clarinets and saxophones from the mid twentieth century and before.  We employ a handful of highly skilled full-time workers and enjoy, we’re happy to report, a sterling reputation for top-quality restoration and ethical transactions. We are not amateurs, nor are we a “back bedroom” operation.  We would be pleased to furnish you with references attesting to the above.


PayPal or credit/debit card processed through our internet merchant account.

Credit cards not accepted from some countries. We must ship to the credit card billing address or paypal confirmed address with exceptions made only at our discretion.

Refurbished Holton H-179 "Phil Farkas model"

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