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This French Buffet-Crampon Model R-113 Academy clarinet has silver-plated keywork and no cracks to the wooden body. It now wears all new pads and corks, courtesy of our woodwind repair technician, and is ready to be played by a professional or high-level amateur.


Regarding the R-113 Academy line of Buffet clarinets, Mr. Francois Kloc wrote:

“The Academy model from Buffet is an R13 that came with a little default (defect) on the stamp or scratch on the key work or something minor that doesn't affect the instrument but was too expensive at this time to fix. Then they came with the Academy model less expensive than the “regular” R13. The item number was R113. They are often great instruments. Today we could change a key or re-plating keys at a lesser cost than before.”


1964 Buffet catalog describes an “Academy Model” as model #R-113.

“To fulfill the demand for a fine clarinet at a reasonable price, Buffet, maker of the world's finest clarinets, has created this medium priced instrument. The Academy has the hand tuning, tonal balancing, easy responsiveness and mechanical perfection that has made Buffet universally recognized as the world's greatest and finest clarinet. It bears the famous BUFFET insignia and carries the regular BUFFET guarantee.

Boehm system, 17 keys, 6 rings. The body is of the finest Grenadilla wood. The drop forged keys are of nickel silver and identical to those used in the Buffet professional clarinets.”


The instrument's serial number is #40991, which dates the instrument's manufacture back to 1952.


The instrument comes in a new Protec case. 


Office Code: DD E, R, W

Refurbished Buffet-Crampon Model 113 Academy Clarinet

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