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Wm. S. Haynes, hand-made, best silver model “Golden Age” flute, number 39,597  (1972) Traditional Boston Scale, A = 440.


Soldered tone-holes, B  foot,  keywork showing no wear to the hinge-tubes or pad-cups.  The solid silver tube measures .016 inches (body and foot).  The flute  was constructed with inline G, and soldered tone-holes.   


Traditional  scale, sounding length is 636 mm (A = 440).


Embouchure measures 10.4 X 12.1 mm.,   please note that the head  is stamped " 1 " below the logo.     


In the seventies, Haynes hand-made French (open keys, in-line G) flutes were made with .014 , .016 and .018 silver tube thickness.  The vast majority of the HM models were produced with .014 tube.  Those HM models with .016 tube are a bit more rare, designed to produce a fuller, darker tone-color that favored the lower register. .018 Haynes instruments are even more rare, recommended only for very strong players.  It's our opinion that a vintage "pre-Eastman" instrument reflects the perfect balance in playing characterictics.


Simply said, this is an extra special Haynes that we quite like. And it appears to have been played very little in the past 50 years.  The original case is almost perfect.


 Highly recommended vintage Haynes that's quite different from the flutes  of today.


 Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!


Employee Code: EDR

Refurbished 1972 Wm. S. Haynes Handmade Solid Silver B Foot Flute

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