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Wm. S. Haynes, hand-made, best silver model “Golden Age” flute, number 31,XXX (1962) Traditional Boston Scale, A=440. 


Soldered tone-holes, B foot, keywork showing no wear to the hinge-tubes or pad-cups.  The solid silver tube measures .016 inches (head,body and foot). The flute was constructed with inline G, and soldered tone-holes.   


Traditional scale, sounding length is 635 mm (A = 440).


Embouchure measures 10.1 X 12.0 mm. Riser is traditional sixties Haynes: 5.1 mm.


Embouchure and riser are solid 14K gold.


The instrument weighs 464 grams.


The flute not, as we understand it, been played for more than a decade.The keywork is tight and there is no need for tightening / swedging. Pads have been replaced by our shop.


I've not been able to get a price-quote from Haynes about the cost of an identical new instrument. I believe, based on the current price of gold, the replacement cost should be a bit below $17,000.

My first visit to the Boston workshop of W.S. Haynes was in the mid 1960's. Lew Deveau spent quite a bit of time with me with explanations on how Haynes flutes were made and how the so-called "handmade" instruments were unique. I remember him demonstrating how keys were "drop-forged", or "coined", as some call it. Our flute is a good example of the process. Have a look at the bottom of the G-sharp touch and the first finger C-touch. Simply said, Haynes flutes don't look the same today. Mind you, they're fine instruments today, but they're different than they were in the fifties.

 Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!

Employee Code: EDR

Refurbished 1962 Wm. S. Haynes Handmade Flute B foot Solid 14K Gold Lip

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