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Superb & extra-clean semi-pro trumpet from C. G. Conn, made in Elkhart (not Texas) in 1969.


Model "6B", in production for only a few years, late sixties / early seventies.


NO dents or dings, 100% original bright silver plate, perfect and original pistons, showing NO wear to the nickel-plated valves.


Case IS original, but has a small repair.  NEW case is available for a small extra fee, but we advise  KEEP IT ORIGINAL.  It's a rare Bb trumpet, worth more if all components are original.


Perfect  for a high school player or an enthusiastic adult amateur.  Recommended!


Office Code: EDR

Rare Vintage C.G. CONN (Elkhart) model 6B Trumpet, orig, no dents, 100% org silv

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