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Superb French flute circa 1850 - 1860, conical construction with nickel keywork

All joints stamped "(logo) / Godfroy / fils / (rose).

Embouchure measures 9.2 X 10.6 mm.

Total length 613 mm.

Sounding length 539 mm.

Pads were new several years  ago, the flute not played since. 

No cracks, no wood damage.

With head section pushed in all the way, it plays very well at 435 pitch.

The flute is part of a small collection of French instruments that I've acquired  over the years, which means I may offer to sell a few more in the upcoming months.  

Flute questions? Write me! Always glad to hear from flute people!




Original 5 Key Godfroy antique Flute, 1850 -1860, Pristine Condition

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