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Wichita Band Instrument Company
Wichita, Kansas


New Carol Brass CTR-5060H-GSS-S Professional Bb Trumpet


This new Silver Carol Brass 5060H trumpet has been built to last, and is ready and waiting for a player to pick it up to make music.

The .460” bore leadpipe is made of sterling silver which prevents the formation of red rot, and the bell is made of gold brass with a silver plated finish. The tuning slides are made of yellow brass, the 1st and 3rd valve slide finger rings are fixed to the instrument, and the 3rd valve slide comes with a stop screw.

The trumpet comes with the pictured Carol Brass backpack case, a 3C Carol Brass mouthpiece, 3 extra slim finger buttons, and two main tuning slides (one rounded, one squared). A complimentary cleaning rod, cleaning cloth, and bottle of valve oil are included as well.


Office Code: EDR





We’ve had the same policy for half a century, are always happy to send almost anything for a short trial period. Five days is, we believe, sufficient for a trained musician to decide if the item sent them is a good match.


A small percentage of instrument we send out are returned to us. Sometimes it’s a money issue, more often it’s “…you might consider taking lessons.” But as we always say, “If you don’t buy, we’ll still be friends.”


We’ve had recent questions, though, about how we clean up returned approvals. You should know…


With recorders, clarinets, flutes, and oboes, we remove all the keywork, then give the bodies a quick bath. Soap and water, but not long enough to harm the finish. Keys are lightly sprayed with a disinfectant and pads are lightly swabbed with the same. Then, back in the case after a spray to the exterior and carrying handles of the case.


Not sure what the other shops are doing about this issue (I’ve asked and have had no replies), but we think our clean-up work is exactly what’s required to keep everybody safe.***


In January of 2022, our small workshop in Wichita will celebrate SIXTY-NINE years in business. We are not in the 1952 Wichita telephone directory, but we ARE in the 1953. We employ sixteen highly skilled full-time workers and enjoy, we’re happy to report, a sterling reputation for top-quality restoration and ethical transactions.


*** We are not amateurs, nor are we a “back bedroom” operation. We would be pleased to furnish you with references attesting to the above. ***

New Carol Brass CTR-5060H-GSS-Bb-S Professional Bb Trumpet

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