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Mint Open Box Di Zhao DZ 600BEF Flute, Solid Sterling Silver Head, Body & Low B Foot, Pointed Key Arms, Offset G, Split E.Note: For 2023 DiZhao changed their model numbers. The new model DZ701BEF is the same as the old model DZ600BEF.

All DZ 600 flutes have full sterling silver headjoints and bodies with a silver plated mechanism. The body and B foot joint are also full sterling silver, and the silver-plated open-hole keywork features pointed key arms, an offset G and a split E.

With their unflagging commitment to both un-paralleled craftsmanship and affordable prices, Di Zhao Flutes is one of the fastest rising stars in the flute industry today. World renowned professional flutemaker Di Zhao, previously of Powell and Haynes Flutes, brings his own unique expertise and artistry to the student flute market. With Di Zhao Flutes, each flute is made and plays like a professional handmade, featuring masterfully hand-cut headjoints, partially shimmed pads, and state-of-the-art keywork.

Accessories Include: French-style case, soft case cover, and cleaning kit.

Office Code: EDR

Mint Open Box Di Zhao/DiZhao Flute DZ 600/701BEF Solid Sterling Silver Head

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