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Model 186-4U BBb Concert Tuba from Miraphone; Made in Germany Serial #17262

  • This Tuba is made of yellow brass with a nickel-silver leadpipe.
  • Has 95% of original lacquer; minor dents and dings have been removed by our shop.
  • Original valves are still very good. 
  • No patches and no breaks to the metal.
  • Case is included
  • Street price on a new one is now $10,185.00

This one is a good "9.0 out of 10", Recommended!
*** Hand to hand delivery might be possible if you don't live too far from us. Other we are estimating $400.00 for shipping by freight. 


Excellent Miraphone Model 186-4U BBb Concert Tuba in Yellow Brass , with Case

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