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Serial number 78377.  

Four piston valves in 3 +1 configuration (three upright piston valves and a fourth valve on the side).
Bore size measured at the valve slides is approximately .570 inches.

This one's a clean instrument that's never been seriously damaged. Our shop burnished out dents and dings. There are no other thin spots, no red-rot anywhere on the instrument.

The original nickel plated valve pistons are in mint condition, no wear apparent at all, and are tight and fast with excellent compression.

With a very good wood shell case and mouthpiece (not in the photos). The mouthpiece receiver fits a standard American small shank baritone/trombone mouthpiece. A Euro-shank mouthpiece might be a little better.
It's a rare example from one of the best French workshops.
No dents, clean, and ready to play!
It's a best buy at only $1495.  

With our two year service warranty.


Couesnon 4 Valve Baritone Horn

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