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C.G. CONN MODEL 36K  SOUSAPHONE, EXTRA-CLEAN  model 36K, not perfect but very close to it.  Maybe five years old....

No dents or dings, no breaks to the fiberglass.  Original valves are perfect, fast and without wear.

Slides all work properly, no dents or dings.

Approx 99% original lacquer finish.

Price includes mouthpipe and tuning bits, new mouthpiece, used case.

Price also includes leather "Sousa Saver".

We sell lots of Sousas, but this is the nicest we’ve seen for a couple of years.   

***Conn-Selmer markets these as their model 36K, but they're really made in the Cleveland "King" workshop.

*** Sousa questions?  Write us!  Yes, we ship all over the world!

*** YES, WE HAVE TWO OF THESE BEAUTIFUL BEASTS, identical only the OTHER has "King" name on it.  Otherwise....identical!

*** Please see minor normal scuff marks to the lower branch....easily covered up with leather "Sousa Saver" (included in the price).



Conn 36K Fiberglass Sousaphone; Close to Mint, Tight Valves, No Dents; With Case

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