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A Rare, Vintage “Modele 13” R-13 Clarinet from Buffet-Crampon. Made in Paris, 1937.


This R-13 clarinet came to us in fine condition with original parts. The keywork is not worn. There are no cracks in the wood and the tenons are still sharp.


All pads and corks are new, courtesy of our woodwind repair tech here in Wichita. The instrument comes with the original mouthpiece in a new case, everything clean and proper.


In our opinion, this instrument plays better than new!


Office Code: GR/DD E, R, W

Refurbished 1937 Buffet-Crampon R-13 Clarinet

  • Wichita Band Instrument Company is a small musical instrument emporium located in the center of the USA. We’ve been in business since 1953 and have had the same owner since 1963.

    Originally we were a repair shop that specialized in woodwind and sax restoration. Today we have 10 employees including 5 of the finest repair technicians in the country.

    Virtually ALL the items we sell have been fully reconditioned in our own shop, although we do sell a few unrestored historical instruments each year.

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