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Wichita Band Instrument Company
Wichita, Kansas




It's Alexander's very successful 1103MAL double horn. Now in their 240th year in Mainz, Germany, Alexander produces some of the world's finest French horns.


The model 1103 has the Bb/F change valve away from the player (by the third valve), but is slightly different from the Alexander 200 and 1106 and other Knopf/Geyer-type horns.


This one's new and perfect, and comes with full complement of the original Alexander accessories. The horn is yellow brass with detachable bell and lacquer finish.


Case is not included in the price, but we have several case options in stock including Alexanders' compact backpack case (in the last picture below) and different Pro-Tec models.


Buy it now while the USD/Euro exchange rate is favorable! Wichita Band's two-year service warranty is included.

Only $8,099 for this superb new horn!




We cannot ship certain items to some countries due to agreements our company has made with various manufacturers. If ordering from outside the United States, please contact us for more details.


Office Code: DD E,R,W



Questions about French horns? Want to compare the best horns? Message us or call us!  We stock horns by the World's best makers, including Alexander, Paxman, Schmid, Holton and Conn and always have a good supply in our warehouse. Come to Wichita, breathe the Kansas prairie air and play the best horns in the World side by side. We'll even meet you at the airport!!




The instrument is carefully inspected by us to make certain it’s spotlessly clean. We disinfect the exterior of the instrument, spray the exterior of the case as well. We do not send anything to you without it’s being checked and then checked again.




We’ve had the same policy for half a century, are always happy to send almost anything for a short trial period. Five days is, we believe, sufficient for a trained musician to decide if the item sent them is a good match.


A small percentage of instrument we send out are returned to us. Sometimes it’s a money issue, more often it’s “…you might consider taking lessons.” But as we always say, “If you don’t buy, we’ll still be friends.”


We’ve had recent questions, though, about how we clean up returned approvals. You should know…


With recorders, clarinets, flutes, and oboes, we remove all the keywork, then give the bodies a quick bath. Soap and water, but not long enough to harm the finish. Keys are lightly sprayed with a disinfectant and pads are lightly swabbed with the same. Then, back in the case after a spray to the exterior and carrying handles of the case.


Not sure what the other shops are doing about this issue (I’ve asked and have had no replies), but we think our clean-up work is exactly what’s required to keep everybody safe.***



In January of 2022, our small workshop in Wichita will celebrate SIXTY-NINE years in business. We are not in the 1952 Wichita telephone directory, but we ARE in the 1953. We employ sixteen highly skilled full-time workers and enjoy, we’re happy to report, a sterling reputation for top-quality restoration and ethical transactions.


*** We are not amateurs, nor are we a “back bedroom” operation. We would be pleased to furnish you with references attesting to the above. ***





Wichita Band Instrument Company is a small musical instrument emporium located in the center of the USA. We’ve been in business since 1953 and have had the same owner since 1963. Originally we were a repair shop that specialized in woodwind and sax restoration. Today we have 10 employees including 5 of the finest repair technicians in the country. Virtually ALL the items we sell have been fully reconditioned in our own shop, although we do sell a few unrestored historical instruments each year. Due to the heavy demand for our services, we do few school repairs, and very few “walk-in” repairs.


Wichita Band’s service warranty is the same as it’s been for more than thirty years:


ALL new and all used instruments sold by Wichita Band Instrument Company come with our 24 month service warranty. It’s in addition to any factory guarantees. For two full years, we will repair or replace, whichever in our estimation is the more advisable, pads, corks, springs or other parts required, at no charge to the customer. In the event of cracked or damaged wood sections, we will repair at no cost to the customer or replace the section and charge the customer only for our net costs for the replacement section. Often, wood replacement parts are supplied from the manufacturer at no charge. The customer is responsible for shipping and insurance charges. Cases and plating finishes are not covered by our service warranty but are sometimes covered by factory guarantees.


Wichita Band Instrument Company maintains a repair department capable of restoration work of the highest quality. Even though repairs are essentially “free” for the first two years, after that period has expired, we remain at your service to maintain and repair your musical equipment forever. It’s our “service after the sale” promise and has been since 1953!


In the event that a customer requires service under factory guarantees or Wichita Band’s service warranty, the item must be returned to us and not directly to the manufacturer.


International shipping is available. Pricing estimator may be high, for more accurate quote please provide your mailing address when requesting a personalized estimate and we'll be happy to provide one.



We’re happy to correspond with musicians, players, parents and enthusiasts of all types. Written appraisals are always available, but please don’t write or telephone and ask “what’s granny’s baritone sax worth?” Do an Ebay search and you’ll be able to learn more than we could ever tell you!


Alexander 1103MAL Double French Horn, Detachable Bell, Yellow Brass

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