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Wichita Band Instrument Company

Wichita, Kansas

A superb and totally original SELMER BALANCED ACTION alto saxophone, made in France in 1954, serial #54,253

Acquired by us earlier this year, together with half a dozen vintage saxes from a collector.
Cigar-Cutter Selmer, a good pre-war Balanced Action Selmer tenor,  two M6 altos and a few other pieces.  All are now in the process of being brought back to life, slowly, a pad at a  time.

*** This SBA was built for the French market, in original bright silver finish.  Please number stamped on the neck tenon.  Price includes original combination (clarinet & alto)  case + a new ProTech.

*** Never dented or dinged, very clean original instrument.  ALL pads and corks were new in October of this year.



In 1954, Selmer built a few Mark Six altos and more than a few of the Super-Action / SBA instruments. 

This one's very clean, has been played a bit, but not much. Keywork still tight, maybe 1 or 2 % wear to the original bright silver plate.   Please note wear to the silver plate at the thumb rest area and a small worn plating edge to the stack E pad-cup.
Original gold-wash to the bell.  Note the high F# keywork, please.
Original C-star Selmer-Paris mouthpiece.
Instrument plays bright and an early Mark Six, but with better intonation.

Superb intonation means low notes are NOT a quarter-step sharp.  Use a VanDoren 2 1/3 or 3 on a modern Selmer mouthpiece and you'll be amazed at the warm and liquid tone-color. 

We have no hesitation in recommending it to the most particular musician.

*** Better than a new one?  You decide!



1954 Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Saxophone; New Pads and Corks, New Case

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