were originally designed by Friederich von Huene after instruments made by the Dutch master Jean Joseph Rottenburgh (1672-1765).  The broad curved windway has the benefit of being suitable for both consort and solo or trio-sonata playing.  The workmanship is generally quite good, but we do  polish bores and check each recorder for intonation before it leaves our Wichita workshop.  The tuning is good over the entire range of the instrument and we find there to be little wonder that the Moeck Rottenburgh is by far the most popular make of any instrument sold by us.  These are available in maple, boxwood, palisander rosewood and ebony. They represent excellent value for the money.

#4101 in maple, $209.00.
#4104 in boxwood, $229.00.
#4105 in palisander rosewood, $289.00.
#4107 in ebony blackwood, $336.00.

#4201 in maple (3 piece body), $199.00.
#4204 in boxwood, $296.00.
#4205 in palisander rosewood, $352.00.
#4207 in ebony blackwood, $396.00.

#4301 in maple, stained, $338.00.
#4304 in boxwood, $442.00.
#4305 in palisander rosewood, $609.00.
#4307 in ebony blackwood, $719.00.

#4401 in maple, no keys $469.00.
#4404 in boxwood, no keys $568.00.
#4405 in palisander rosewood, no keys $743.00.
#4407 in ebony blackwood, $946.00.
#4421 in maple, stained w/C-C# keys, $659.00.
#4424 in boxwood w/C-C# keys, $756.00.
#4425 in palisander rosewood w/C-C# keys, $934.00.
#4427 in black grenadilla w/C-C# keys, $1,089.00.
#4921 in maple, stained, w/ C-C#, F-G keys, $889.00.
#4924 in boxwood, 4 keys $1,194.00.
#4925 in palisander rosewood, 4 keys $1149.00.
#4927 in black grenadilla, 4 keys $1349.00.

BASS RECORDERS IN F(8va. below alto)
#4521 Rottenburgh, stained maple, 4 keys, $1,396.00.
#2521 Rottenburgh, "Flauto Rondo" (almost the same, stained maple, simpler tunings) $1,066.00.

Franz Kueng's music shop in Schaffhausen was established in 1933. By 1938 the small firm made the decision to concentrate on recorders of the highest quality.

Nine decades late, the workshop is still controlled by the Kueng family. Franz's grandson Stefan is the director and in charge of all production. And they're still in the same house, on Grabenstrasse, that Franz purchased in 1933.

We've sold a few of these superb instruments for several years and note that Kueng instruments seem to us to improve a bit each vintage. As for their current production, think "finest-quality Swiss wristwatch, only in a recorder".

As with many wind instrument makers, Kueng offers a number of different models. We quite like their "Superio" instruments, especially the alto and tenor.

Reasonably priced, intonation that's perfect at 442(pull out the head 2mm if you prefer 440...), elegant and beautiful. Perfection!

Sopraninos "Superio"
#2201, pearwood. $236
#2207, grenadilla. $399

Sopranos "Superio"
#2304, plumtree. $289
#2314, stained boxwood $299
#2309, figured olive wood $415

Altos "Superio"
#2404, plumtree $636
#2414, stained boxwood $656
#2409, figured olive wood $794

Tenors "Superio"
#2511, stained pearwood $986
#2509, figured olive wood $1462

Bass in F "Superio" (octave below alto)
#2611, stained pearwood $1692

Great Bass in C "Superio"(octave below tenor)
#2722, stained maple $2998

Sub-Bass in F "Superio"(octave below bass)
#2822, stained maple $5972

AULOS BAROQUE FLUTES are made in Japan and are perfect for the flutist wanting to play on an “original” instrument, but who’s not yet ready to spend a couple of thousand for an antique.

AF1S, Grenser copy, ebony finish, soft case. For those wanting to play baroque music at 440 pitch and on an “original” instrument, these are highly recommended! $379.00

AF3, Stanesby copy, A=415, imitation ivory, hardshell case. There is no baroque flute made, new, antique or reproduction, that plays better than this one! Superb for Bach, Haendel or Telemann or for any of the hundreds of baroque trio-sonatas. The embouchure is small just like an original Stanesby. $549.50

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